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US – China Cold War

Since the rise of China as the second largest economy of the world, the US has been using different tactics in a bid to contain China. In fact, the rise of China is a threat to the US hegemony, as the sole super power of the world. Therefore the US has been trying its level best to avert the rise of China as a super power on the global stage.

Furthermore, the US shifted its policy from Middle East region to Asia-Pacific in 2010, when the then president Barack Obama said in his speech, on his visit to India that the main focus of the US would be on building close relations with India in order protect their interests in the Asia-Pacific region. Similarly, the US wants to maintain its hegemony in the South China Sea, where China’s rise could harm the former’s interests.

Furthermore, America’s China containment policy has intensified for the last three years, resulting in close relations between India and the US. In fact the US wants to counterbalance China through India, so that the prospects of China’s rise could be limited. In doing so, the US has been actually pursuing a policy of harming the Chinese interests. The Quad alliance among the US, Australia, Japan and India has also been working actively towards this goal.

Similarly a recent agreement between the US and India, dubbed as BECA (Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement), is another step to bring the two countries closer to slow down the rise of China. Moreover, the US has been fully cooperating in many areas including defense, economy, politics and foreign policy with India to dent the Chinese interests in the region.

More recently, a report published by American Centre of Security, “Rising to the China Challenge”, has mentioned that the biggest challenge to the US interests is the rise of China. Furthermore, the report has laid out a comprehensive strategy to ensure the containment of China. The report has highlighted a number of scenarios in which the US could hamper the rise of China. Among these, a close relation between the US and India has also been suggested. Moreover, it has also been suggested that the US must lead the efforts to contain China, along with its European and Asian allies, so that its interest could be safeguarded.

Thus the new cold war between the US and China is a reality now. In which the US is the aggressor and China is the responder. Meanwhile, India is being used as pawn, in the same way Pakistan was used against erstwhile Soviet Union, during the cold war between the US and Soviet Union. However, Pakistan had to pay a heavy price for that alliance in the form of thousands of lives and material loss. In the present case India is playing the role of balancing the power in the region, because India itself wants to make itself ready to face any of its two rivals i.e. Pakistan and China, at any given time by the help of the US. However, this confrontation between four nuclear powers may turn into a disaster. That only time will tell.

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