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Solution to Balochistan Crisis

The law and order situation in Balochistan has been far from being called satisfactory for many years now. A number of terrorism and extremism related incidents have happened in the past two decades. However, the subsequent provincial and federal governments seem to have failed to counter the ongoing insurgency. Although the number of attacks on state symbols has reduced from the past, the militants are still able to attack the Pakistani forces and other targets at will.

The recent attack on FC Personnel in Harnai, in which more than 7 FC men were martyred, is a case in point. Similarly, every now and then the forces are attacked by the militants in different parts of Balochistan. As a result thousands of innocent lives have been lost.

Moreover, the federal and provincial governments have failed to bring the dissident Baloch leaders to the negotiating table, to find a permanent solution to the problem. However, the government and establishment have relied on dealing with the issue in a hard way, which has failed to control the ongoing militancy. As a result the province of Balochistan has not been able to observe peace for more than two decades.

In the present scenario the government must realize that it has to use a two-pronged strategy to bring peace to Balochistan. Firstly, the government should start negotiation process with the Baloch leaders and try to address their genuine demands. Secondly, the government must take practical steps to deal effectively with the chronic poverty, health, education, development, unemployment and other crisis in the province, that have made the lives of the people extremely miserable. Thus, the government has to take the above steps on emergency basis, or the alienation of Balochs will continue, which will further add fuel to the fire.

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