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Countering India’s Designs

Presently, the ties between Pakistan and India are going through, one of the most difficult periods. PM Modi has been deploying different nefarious designs to coerce and weaken Pakistan, since the time, he became the Prime Minister of India. Moreover, he has kept a hard line approach towards Pakistan to hide his government’s failures within his own country.

Furthermore, the surge in protests and violence in Kashmir, after Modi’s unilateral actions of stripping the region of its special status, has also disturbed the Indian government. As a result Modi’s government has been dealing with the indigenous Kashmir freedom movement forcefully, in blatant violation of human rights.

In addition, Modi’s government has been stepping up the firing, on the Line of Control (LOC) and violence in the different parts of Pakistan. In doing so, India has been involved in a number of terrorist incidences in Pakistan in order to destabilize and force it into submission.

All these tactics by the fascist Modi government are in fact to divert the attention of the Indian populous and the international community, form the real issues, that the Modi’s government has miserably failed to address.

In response to these nefarious designs by India to destabilize Pakistan, the Pakistani government has tried to highlight the grave human rights violations in occupied Kashmir and India’s ever growing aggression against Pakistan. However, the international community’s response to Pakistan’s grievances has not been positive and satisfactory.

The major reason for failure of Pakistan is India’s economic and international clout. As the international community gives precedence to its business interests over human rights and violence, so Pakistan’s complaints remains undressed.

In this scenario, Pakistan should pay heed to its economic and political stability, so that its voice could be heard in the international arena. This is the only way by which Pakistan can counter the ever-growing threat by India.

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